Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013!

Anarchy Championship Wrestling is proud to be part of Fun Fun Fun Fest for the 4th year in a row! We are doing things very similarly to last year. We will have 2 separate one hour shows on all 3 days! 6 hours of ACW!

Day 1 – Friday, November 8th:
SHOW 1: 4pm


SHOW 2: Time 7:45pm

Day 2 - Saturday, November 9th:
Show 1: 4pm

Show 2: 7:45

Day 3 – Sunday, November 10th:
Show 1: 12pm
The Bad Boys vs. Killah Kash/Sky De La Crimosa vs. Scotty/Steve vs. Brooks and Dunbar

Ricky Romida vs. Johnny Axxle

Evan Gelistico vs. Ricky Starks

Barefoot Thumbtacks Match
Jason Silver vs. Darin Childs

Show 2: 4pm
Jeffery Gant & Jason Silver vs. Davey Vega & Evan Gelistico

Claudia Del Solis vs. Miss Diss_Lexia

The Skylar Skelly Drinking Game
Ricky Romida, Su Yung, Thomas Shire & Jojo Bravo & Angel Blue vs. Darin Childs, Ricky Starks, Jack Jameson, Jessica James, JC Bravo 

1st time ever!

Paul London vs. ACH

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